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Boundary Waters
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Want to get away from the city life and experience living off the grid? Then this is the place for you. Between 1200 miles in canoe routes, 1 hiking trails and almost 2000 campsites pack a tent grab a canoe and find your entry point and it's you and nature after that!

Time Commitment

3+ Days


Things to Pack

  • 1-pair water footwear (shoes or boots)
  • 1-pair campsite footwear (tennis shoes or moccasins)
  • 2-pair socks (synthetic or wool)
  • 2-pair extra socks for camp
  • 2-pairs underwear
  • 2-pair pants (quick drying)
  • 1-pair shorts and/or swimsuit
  • 1-lightweight long sleeve shirt
  • 1-2 -t-shirts
  • 1-wool sweater/fleece jacket
  • rain gear (jacket & pants)
  • hat with visor
  • sunglasses and lanyard
  • sunscreen and lip balm
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight or headlamp (new batteries)
  • pocket knife/multi-tool
  • compass
  • towel and wash cloth
  • toilet articles
  • first aid kit
  • personal medication
  • water filter/purificationfishing gear & tackle
  • book, playing cards, etc.
  • notebook & pencil for a journal
  • fanny pack
  • water bottle
  • binoculars & field guides
  • camera in waterproof container



Enjoy your time off grid

  • Hike
  • Fish
  • Canoe
  • Set up camp
  • Start a fire
  • Take pictures


8901 Grand Ave Place
Duluth, Minnesota 55808


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